Season of Plays

Waiting Women

HMTC is proud to present it's next Season of Plays: Waiting Women. Written and Directed by our very own, Silvia Gonzalez S., this play takes on the life of Pearl Hart, the infamous stage coach robber from the 1860s. The play is seen through the eyes of Pearl as she recounts her life and her stage coach robbery. We also see how she interacts with other women in prison. Each woman has their story and has a chance to talk about their lives as they continue waiting for the day they are released from prison, or even from their past.

Join us on opening night of the show: March 10 @ 2PM! 

Tickets are available for early purchase online at for any of the dates you would be interested in attending. Tickets are $12! Please support local actors and our non-profit organization so that we can continue to put on more shows and develop and grow talented actors. For more information, checkout our flyer, or contact us with any questions that you may have~ Bring something comfortable like a seat cushion as the show is long but funny and dramatic! A dramedy if you may!


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