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Waiting Women: Final Weekend

HMTC's production of "Waiting Women" is coming to a close this weekend with its last two shows. The story covered the lives prison women interacting together as they wait to live out their sentence. A Fictional History play, it follows the perspective of Pearl Hart through her stint at Vaudeville while recalling her time in prison.

Amanda Braden, who plays the lead role, has expressed her joy for portraying this spunky woman who also went through hardships. She draws inspiration of her character through the acting talents of Walton Goggins and several other actors. "It's been an eye opening experience to me how much I love theater and performing arts and how therapeutic being involved in theater is." Amanda would like to thank everyone for all the support and encouragement she has received from friends, family, and the cast. "I want the supporters to realize how much of a difference their encouragement makes for folks. Sometimes it's exactly what a person needs to hear and without encouragement and support, people are less likely to put themselves out there."

The play was once slated for a Winter time slot but was moved to the Spring season, adding to the atmospheric environment of the wild west. Thanks to the generosity of the Hanford Carnegie Museum, the cast and crew were able to set up the stage for the play in the courtyard area for each of the weekend shows.

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