Udderly Improv: Udder Chaos

There was a burst of laughter from the crowd on Friday as our Udderly Improv Troupe showcased their talents during HMTC's second Improv Show at the Hanford Carnegie Museum. 

The second improv show was Lead and Directed by, Vanessa Velasco, one of three leads that coordinate together to put on the show. There were more improv performers for this show than last month's so she had to figure out how to incorporate all of their different talents into one show. After much research, a plan was formed. This month's show was inspired by short form improv shows such as "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and "Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza" which resonated really well with the audience of the night. Using her sociable and bubbly personality, Vanessa interacted with the audience, asking questions and using the answers from the audience as suggestions to direct the scenes that the improvers used to create. 

Due to popular demand, the improv show was lengthened from a 45 minute segment to a 1.5 hour segment and split in two. The first half of the show showcased the creativity and adaptability of the performers as they tried to come up with witty and funny scenes. The second half of the show was an uproar of raunchy jokes, and people fighting back tears from the hilarity of the night. It was all positive remarks for the improvers who were nervous, some of whom was participating for their first improv show gig. 

A lot of the games used for the show are games played during the free improv/acting classes that HMTC offers every Wednesday evenings. However, the games had a bit of a twist to it to challenge the creative minds of the performers as well as make things fun and different from the usual games played during the classes. Our performers had a great time and their chemistry with each other was clearly felt by the audience.

A huge shoutout to the performers of the night: Michael Affrunti, Mike Barker, Amanda Braden, Kevon Calhoun, Sarah Conner, Christopher De la Rosa, Jacob Girouard, Greg Gonzalez, Adrian Hughes, John Myers, Gabriel Omar Pimental, Ricky Seifert, Ricardo Sierra, Alex Stimpson, and Vanessa Velasco; with Silvia Gonzalez S. for sound.

We enjoy bringing laughter to our audience, as well as ourselves, and hope that you look forward to our future improv shows!

Check us out every 2nd Friday of the month at the Hanford Carnegie Museum

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