FREE Wednesday Acting Classes

Every Wednesday we offer FREE Acting Classes currently at the Hanford Mall (July/August), CA 93230.

Starting September at a historical church building at

14060 Hackett St.
Hanford, CA 93232

Children's class: 5-6PM

Teens and Adults Class: 6-7PM

Adults (18+): 7-8PM *Mature content

All you have to do is register, sign in, and you are good to go.

You can also sign up for reminder of our classes.

Acting Experience

Acting is a lot of fun, especially in a caring atmosphere. Sometimes people enjoy an acting class to get away for awhile from the daily grind. You will be amazed as to how you really let go of your life in our class while playing acting games and doing new scripts. You will also acquire improvisational skills that help you think quick on your feet. Perfect in all life situations.

Writing Opportunities

Since the artistic director is a writer herself, she encourages you to bring your monologues or short plays to read aloud. This experience for a writer is quite awesome to hear your words being spoken by another person.


Believe it or not

Human beings naturally want to express themselves, and theatre is the most expressive art form.

It builds a passion in many groups of people because they realize what is really important to them and that they have the power to make a change.


Did you know?

Theater helps us understand people from cultures other than our own.

In doing so, we can learn to be less ethnocentric, and more accepting of others.

Get Involved!

Become a volunteer or helping us with our needs: We have a wish list, and if you can help, that would be awesome!

We can use the following: Copy paper, tape, bottled water, snacks for children class, puppets and/or material to make puppets, stage lights, light board, portable stage, music keyboard, sound board, free advertising, volunteers, and grants.

*Tax deductible



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