Our Mission & Focus

This is our logo and we think it is awesome. Made by a Russian artist.

Our Mission

To inspire and nurture a diverse community through the arts.

Our Focus

  1. Develop actors (youth, teens and adults), in Hanford and the surrounding areas, with FREE ACTING CLASSES;
  2. Develop improv skills and other performance skills applicable to many life situations;
  3. Develop new talent and provide experienced actors a forum;
  4. Present plays about the diverse culture of this area that include: Native-American, Latino, African-American, Portuguese, Filipino, Chinese, Hindu, Arab, Polynesian, etc., and plays with a culture-view, multi-ethnic casts, multi-racial characters, and military life that resonate to California’s Central Valley’s highly diverse community;
  5. Present to Hanford and surrounding areas artistic talents of our area;
  6. Present to Hanford and surrounding areas the beautiful world of theater and improvisation;
  7. Create a puppet theater and an opportunity to be puppeteers
  8. Fantasy to organize a Hanford Multicultural Play Festival to occur annually.
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