Work With Us


Get involved by being a volunteer or helping us with our needs: We have a wish list, and if you can help, that would be awesome!

We can use the following: Copy paper, tape, bottled water, snacks for children class, puppets and/or material to make puppets,  portable stage, free advertising, volunteers, and grants.

*Tax deductible letters sent to you by mail or email for your donations with our EIN


We strongly believe in our multicultural community, and we strongly believe in the growth of creativity through different forms of art, particular through theater. Most of our members are new to the world of acting and improv and love every minute of it as soon as they enter through our doors. Our company allows for new and developing young actors to bloom and polish their acting skills in a fun environment. We help our members to gain the training and experiences needed for them to pursue a career in acting, or other departments pertaining to the performance arts. Hanford Multicultural Theater Company always welcomes new and inexperienced people who are willing to break into the world of acting. If you are interested in joining, please email us at

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