Hanford Monologue Slam 2019: Actors vs Poets

That's right, this isn't a joke! The Hanford Monologue Slam is ready for it's second run this year! After a few delays, we now have our dates slated for the summer! This year's theme of the Hanford Monologue Slam will showcase performances by poets and actors as they battle it out to perform their piece and win a chance for cash prizes. Performers will choose whether they feel like performing a poem or a monologue with the goal of showcasing their acting talents and performance persona. How well can they woo the crowd? Slots are limited for both groups! But it also doesn't mean that a poet cannot perform a monologue, or an actor cannot perform a poem. So we are calling out to all you eager performers!

The Hanford Monologue Slam will take place over the course of 3 days, one day for poets, one day for actors, and the grand finale in which performers from the previous two days must compete to qualify for a final spot. An Actors vs Poets ordeal. All will be competing for cash prizes over $100! First place will receive $350, Second place with $150, and Third place with $100.

Read below for details about the event:

When: June 29

Time: 4PM ~ 6PM

Where: Hanford The Comfort Inn; 10 N Irwin St, Hanford, CA 93230

For Questions feel free to Email:

To apply to perform as a poet or actor, applications are $25 with applications available through our website.

For those who want to see the show and not compete, audience tickets are $10!

The purpose of the monologue slam is as a fundraiser for HMTC as well as acting as a platform for performers alike to showcase their talents and share their art. Proceeds made at the monologue slam event go toward funding our acting and improvisation classes that we provide to the community for FREE. We do this in hopes of encouraging hungry souls, young and old, to pursue and feed their hunger for creativity through the form of arts and theater.


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