Hanford Multicultural Theater Company is proud to present an array of rising talent that have trained and practiced their skills with us. Each actor is eager to add more to their acting adventures and pursuits. If you would like to know more about them or would like to ask them to audition for acting roles in a play, film, or other media, contact HMTC at and we will connect you with the actor of your interest.



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Board Vice President

Vanessa (also known as Vee) is a Filipino American with Hawaiian influence. She is a graduate from UC Merced and has had an eye for art since childhood. During her undergraduate career in Merced, she joined the Polynesian cultural dance group, Ohana. In 2013, she became the publicist/public relations officer and helped her fellow officers plan their annual spring Lu'au events. She also functioned as the head director for the decorating committee which dealt with invitations, promotional posters, and props/costumes. 

Vanessa is a self-taught artist. It was her stay in Merced that encouraged her to develop her artistic skills where she finished a Minor in Art. Her skills range from 2D, 3D, music, and dance. She believes in the therapeutic attributes of art and encourages others to explore their artistic side.

"I like to challenge myself in the world of art! So here I am, part of the improv with HMTC, and look forward to our exciting events that are coming!”

Most of these professional headshots are provided by our HMTC team, Camia Scherer (left/top) and Vanessa Velasco (right/bottom). If you are interested in getting your professional headshot taken, feel free to contact them via their portfolios.

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