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FREE Acting Classes!!

We offer FREE acting classes on Wednesdays in the HANFORD MALL

July and August 2019

Take a stroll in the mall and find us near food court, by Big Kahuna.


Children: 5-6 pm

Teens & Adults (mix): 6-7 pm

Adults (18+ only): 7-8 pm


Address: 1675 W Lacey Blvd, Hanford, CA 93230

Phone: (559) 583-1200 MALL OFFICE

*Text or call us at 559.997.3838 for guidance to our location.

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HMTC's Focus 

Hanford Multicultural Theater Company strives to bring the world of theater and improv to a diverse community. Founded by national playwright, Silvia Gonzalez Scherer, she hoped to bring to Hanford a little taste of her theatrical experiences. Established in 2016, HMTC continues to grow in both members and community participation. So far HMTC has launched it's first annual, Dia de Los Muertos Event (2017), first Hanford Monologue Slam competition (2018), produced two beautiful stage plays (2018), and have done several improv gigs for special events like Relay 4 Life and during the Hanford Thursday Night Market.

HMTC has gained a significant amount of talent and can only hope that our team will help these budding actors develop the training and experiences they need for the acting world. Class activities range from doing improv training exercises/warmups, monologue practices, and cold readings (to read a play/script that you have never seen before) with groups.

Our classes are free, which means that anybody can come and go as they please. Those who have joined us find joy and excitement as they meet new people and help each other grow in their abilities. Our class allows for people to develop necessary life skills thanks to improv: meaning we can help ease those nerves if you're unsure of how to get an interview for a job!

If you are too shy to act, that is ok! We encourage guests to sit in during our acting class sessions, and when ready, they can join in on the fun any time!

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